TremenDesk FAQs

What is TremenDesk?

It is the perfect hosted help desk application, developed by Lunarpages staff to handle its own customer base. Lunarpages now offers TremenDesk as a hosted service.

Who is TremenDesk for?

We are providing TremenDesk so that you too can have an elite way of supporting your own customers or clients who need to reach you for a number of different reasons. TremenDesk provides a top of the line service and promises you a unique, yet familiar way of reaching back to your contacts.

Is TremenDesk only for handling support questions?

The only limitation on how you use TremenDesk, once purchased, is your own imagination! The most common usage may be for support-type troubleshooting, but it could also be used in a number of different ways. For example, you could use TremenDesk as an online store to keep in touch with prospective buyers. A mechanic could use the TremenDesk application to keep track of his most recent repair work requests. The possibilities are truly endless.

How do you login to TremenDesk?

Open up your web site, and login using the box on the right-hand side of your screen. You will then enter your user name and password (as provide to you, after you signed up). After you enter the correct user name and password, you will be taken to your administration dashboard.

What is the Dashboard, and how do I use it?

The TremenDesk Dashboard is the first page you will see when you login to your version of TremenDesk. It lists a number of different ticket types, which are dependent on the type of user you are. If you are just a regular user with no special privileges (i.e. a client logging in), you will only see your most recent tickets. However, if you have special rights to the desk (i.e. an administrator or staff member), you can see lists of your locked tickets, assigned tickets, and tickets you are watching. You can also edit the order of these tickets by clicking the "Edit Layout" link.

How can tickets be submitted to TremenDesk?

Tickets can either be sent to the desk by submitting them through the web interface (i.e. by filling out a form on your version of the desk), or can be sent to email addresses that you map to a queue (i.e. sending an email to issues a ticket to the Support queue). To submit a ticket via TremenDesk, the user simply needs to register to use the desk and then click the "Submit a Ticket" link at the top of the TremenDesk interface. To receive tickets by email, you would need to map the email address your users are emailing to the queue where you wish to receive them (i.e. the same Support@ example above).

What are the different ticket functions and what do they mean?

Tickets can be set to several different statuses and serve various functions. Here are some of the most common examples:

The same applies for assignments, awaiting, and watches, which are also not ticket statuses.

The ticket states known by the desk are:

Opened (when a ticket is newly created), idled (reserved for future use), closed (when a ticket has been closed by a user), reopened (when a customer user adds a reply to a closed ticket, the ticket is automatically reopened), merged (when two or more tickets are merged together), possible spam (when the spam filter thinks a message might be spam, but isn't sure, it is marked "possible spam", and will still appear in queues as if they were "opened"), spam (when the spam filter thinks a message is almost certainly spam, and won't appear in queues; "spam" tickets will show in the spam queue).

What is the TremenDesk Knowledge Base?

This is a publicly accessible database of all your tips, articles, tutorials, and any further necessary information that you can store on your version of TremenDesk. It is particularly useful because it combines the helpfulness of a ticket-based help desk system with the usefulness of an article repository.

You can submit your own new articles by clicking on the Knowledge Base link in your own version of TremenDesk, clicking on Submit, choosing your category, and then writing it in the area provided. Once you give the article a title and click the submit button, your knowledge base article will be published live on your version of TremenDesk and ready for the general public to review.

What are Tech Statistics?

These helpful statistics are available to show you how many tickets you have answered in a specific day, in which queue they were assigned, and also a link back to the physical ticket so you can review any information you have previously answered.

(*) Anytime you, or any other staff member which is assigned the ability to review their statistics (regular users cannot see the "Tech Statistics" link), wish to review the statistics, you may do so via Daily, Weekly or Monthly breakdowns. By clicking on any given day, you can also pull up a list of those specific tickets answered on that day.

You can access this information by clicking on Tech Statistics at the top of your version of TremenDesk.

How do I access my administrator settings?

To access the administrator settings for your version of TremenDesk, you must first login to your TremenDesk with an account that has administrator rights. You can then click the "Admin" link in the top menu in your TremenDesk navigation bar.

You can also setup different user types that have access to various settings (or none at all) via the Administration page.

What are quick replies and how do I add one to TremenDesk?

Quick replies are saved answers you can easily insert into any ticket reply. For example, if somebody often asks you where your business is located, you could save time by using a quick reply with your address in it.

To add a quick reply, click on your Admin link in the top navigation on TremenDesk, then Quick Reply Management. Choose a category in the drop down Quick Replies section in the sidebar. Then click add entry, and when you are done with your reply and have submitted a title for the reply, click "Add".

When you are working on a specific ticket, you can select from the quick replies on the left side of your reply text box.

Can I change the theme and skin of my TremenDesk?

Yes! If you want to change the theme and skin of your version of TremenDesk, click the "Admin" link on the top TremenDesk navigation, and then "Theme Management" to redesign the theme for your desk. You can also create new themes or edit the color schemes for existing themes as well.

TremenDesk offers further customization by allowing you access to change the title of your desk, the background images, and the header logo.

What are ticket notes and why would I need them?

Adding notes to tickets makes it easy to write yourself reminders about the situation you are working on or for technicians to keep track of important information about a customer or error. For example, if you had a ticket from a client who you knew might need a little extra attention, you could add a note to the ticket saying, "Handle with care" or something to that effect. Anybody who answers tickets after you have left a note, will be able to review this reminder. Customers and users without privileges to the desk will not be able to see your notes, adding the extra value of privacy to TremenDesk notes.

To add a new note, simply write your note in the "Add New Reply" text box, and tick the checkmark labeled "Add as note".

Can you add or view attachments with TremenDesk?

With TremenDesk, you or your customers can add attachments to tickets to help with any situation. These can be any sort of file, such as a .zip file to share an archive, or a .jpg file to share a photo.

To download or preview an existing attachment, navigate to the ticket view page, then the attachments link on the sidebar. Click on the file name of the attachment you would like to download or preview. Image attachments will open in a new window and provide a re-sized preview of the image. Non-image attachments will automatically prompt to be downloaded onto your computer. You can also use the same steps to upload an attachment from your own PC.

How does the TremenDesk spam filter work?

When viewing a ticket, in the sidebar you may notice the "Mark This Ticket as Spam" link that can be used to filter out spam e-mails or tickets that make their way into your TremenDesk queues. Spam tickets will be automatically deleted after seven days to allow sufficient time to mark the ticket as not spam if it was incorrectly marked as such.

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