Support Help Desk Information

What is a Support Help Desk?

If you run a website that deals with any level of customer service, you are probably familiar with support help desks. When you email professional businesses via their support email address, your email is more than likely routed through their help desk system, also known as a support desk. This desk provides a professional way for technicians, staff, managers, and administrators to keep a record of all business inquiries, employee responses, and emails sent in.

Why Does My Business Need a Support Desk?

Help desks are invaluable to small and large businesses alike, because they provide the necessary tools to communicate with your customers. Via your support desk, you can create multiple queues to handle inquiries: i.e. you can create separate queues for Sales, Support, Marketing, Billing, and more. Not only will this help you organize your technical support data but you will also have a paper trail for all communications from your company to your customers.

Support help desks like TremenDesk also assist in providing business.

Do Support Desks Require Installation on My Computer or Website?

Because TremenDesk is a Hosted Help Desk Solution, you will never need to install any support desk software at any time. TremenDesk is more of a help desk application, which runs on Lunarpages-powered servers. You simply purchase your help desk solution from TremenDesk, choose the domain name where your customers will login (i.e. or, and you will instantly be able to login and review your administrative settings, add new technicians and users, and get started.

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